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Math Assistance Center

The virtual MAC is closed for the summer, but you may still access the virtual office hours of the graduate TA’s teaching courses just as you would during any other summer term.  The graduate TA’s will do their best to provide you with extra help that you may need.  Please follow the instructions below to start utilizing their office hours:

  • Using the list below, select the schedule corresponding to your class.  This will display a daily schedule of office hours held by the TA’s teaching your course.
  • Using the schedule for your course, find a TA who is holding office hours at a time that is most convenient for you.
  • Click on their name to be redirected to their Zoom office hours.
  • You should now be in a waiting room for their office hours or you may need to enter a password.  If a meeting requires a password, it is noted on the schedule (so please look carefully).

Guidelines to keep in mind:

  • TA’s will prioritize their own students.  Your primary resource is your instructor/TA for your course.  Please try to utilize their office hours first and then search for other graduate students in the even that you need more help.
  • Please be patient; it may take someone a few minutes to digest your question and find a way to help you.
  • Additionally, TA’s may be helping students when you arrive, meaning you may need to wait awhile before you can get into office hours. 
  • If you have any trouble accessing the schedules, getting into the Zoom meetings, or generally utilizing office hours then please email Dr. Hockensmith at

Summer 2021 Schedule:

Graduate TA Summer 2021 Contact Information

Dietrich School Scientific Computing Lab

Some mathematics courses include computer assignments using Loc CAPA, Mathematica, Maple or Matlab software. Expert help is available with this software on a walk-in basis in the Posvar Computer Lab.


Posvar Hall
Room 1200A
230 S Bouquet St.


No in-person due to COVID-19


No in-person consultant.


For general study tips and academic advice, as well as resources for other subjects, feel free to consult the Study Lab Web page.