PDE Forum: Modeling and Analysis

PDE Forum: Modeling and Analysis

Monday, May 6

Thackeray Hall 704



* 9:00-9:50: Wentao Cao, University of Leipzig 

   C^{1\alpha}  isometric extension

* 10:00-10:50: Kun Zhao, Tulane University

   Analysis of Keller-Segel Models with Logarithmic Sensitivity

* 11:00-11:50: Tao Luo, City University of Hong Kong

   Estimates and geometry for the free surface of a highly subsonic heat conductive flow

12:00-2:00pm: Lunch Break

* 2:00-2:50: Franziska Weber, Carnegie Mellon University

  Numerical approximation of statistical solutions for systems of hyperbolic conservation laws

* 3:00-3:50: Geng Chen, University of Kansas

   Poiseuille flow of nematic liquid crystals via Ericksen-Leslie model


May 6, 2019 (All day)